Month: October 2021

Episode 28: Rape-Revenge

Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault and rape. We’re tackling one of the most divisive horror sub-genres ever – the rape-and-revenge movie. Hopelessly misogynistic or empowering, feminist diatribes? We try to get to the bottom of what these stories say about the world we live in.  Contains discussions of Ms. 45 (1981), […]

Episode 27: Demonic Possession

SBG gets up-close-and-personal with some demons. What makes them tick and what are they looking for in a partner? From The Exorcist to Emily Rose, we talk about the most demonic demons and their hosts of choice. Includes discussions of Black Box (2020), Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), Squid Game (2021), The Exorcist (1973), […]

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