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Episode 66: Techno-Horror

We can’t live without technology, but is that a good thing? The most rapidly changing  facet of our existence offers fertile ground for exploring all kinds of horrifying things. We’re entering the virtual world and talking about how TV, computers, robots and more define and complicate our existence.  Includes discussions of The Stepford Wives (1975), […]

Episode 65: The First Omen

Nearly fifty years on, The First Omen gives us a prequel to horror classic The Omen and it may surprise you to know it’s really good! Turning the familiar story into an alarming feminist tale, the film grapples with some massive themes. We talk about its unique and referential take on the genre. Also includes discussions of Godzilla x Kong: […]

Episode 64: Cosmic Horror

In this episode, the gang takes a look behind the veil of reality into thought-provoking, madness-inducing cosmic horror. How does the vast possibility of the universe put our puny little lives into focus? What happens when humans transcend their place in space and time? How come everything is still misogynistic? Includes discussions of Inside (2023), […]

Episode 63: Imaginary

The latest film from Blumhouse is a romp through childhood anxieties and family drama. Is this new wave of PG-horror a cynical cash grab or an important development in the horror landscape?  We break down Jeff Wadlow’s Imaginary through its odd story beats, excellent creature design and often bizarre visuals. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Contact us at and […]

Episode 62: Killer Animals

Sometimes the scariest creature is out there in the wild or living right in your house! In this episode, we’re looking at some of the killer animals in the horror canon and how they relate to our experiences as humans.  Includes discussions of Karen (2021), Baghead (2023), Night Swim (2024), The Beast (2023), The Birds […]

Episode 60: Holiday Horror

Happy holidays, Spookies! In our final episode for 2023, we unpack some of the horror movies set on and inspired by our favourite holidays. There are plenty of Christmas creeps, as well as bloody valentines, an April fool or two and more. Includes discussions of Leave the World Behind (2023), Poor Things (2023), Godzilla Minus […]

Episode 58: Nunsploitation

Holy moly, these nuns are naughty. We’re talking nunsploitation, the genre that explores the lives (and the sex lives) of nuns. Join us on a journey through cloisters and convents as we unpack what’s so compelling about these brides of God. Static Vision and SBG co-present The Devils, Sunday November 19 2023. Buy tickets here. Includes […]

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