Month: November 2023

Episode 58: Nunsploitation

Holy moly, these nuns are naughty. We’re talking nunsploitation, the genre that explores the lives (and the sex lives) of nuns. Join us on a journey through cloisters and convents as we unpack what’s so compelling about these brides of God. Static Vision and SBG co-present The Devils, Sunday November 19 2023. Buy tickets here. Includes […]

Static Vision & SBG Present The Devils

Spooky Bitch Gang are proud to co-present a rare screening of Ken Russell’s 1971 masterpiece, The Devils with Static Vision. Friends of the pod Static Vision present their latest film festival Goodbye, Pink Flamingo, a three-day, single-screen event showcasing a global selection of groundbreaking queer, punk, feminist and DIY cinema, curated as a tribute to […]

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