Episode 58: Nunsploitation

Holy moly, these nuns are naughty. We’re talking nunsploitation, the genre that explores the lives (and the sex lives) of nuns. Join us on a journey through cloisters and convents as we unpack what’s so compelling about these brides of God. Static Vision and SBG co-present The Devils, Sunday November 19 2023. Buy tickets here. Includes […]

Episode 56: Giallo

Bongiorno! In this episode, the gang dip their toes into the muddy waters of vintage Italian horror. Is Giallo a flash-in-the-pan, a relic of the past, or a key component of the genre we know and love? Includes discussions of Saw X (2023), Elevator Game (2023), Blood and Black Lace (1964), The Laughing Woman a.k.a […]

Episode 55: Meg 2: The Trench

In this episode we’re talking about the ultra-dumb, maybe-camp sequel to everyone’s favourite giant shark movie The Meg. Is it leaning into the silliness, or too serious for its own good? Only one thing is sure – we know nothing. Also includes discussions of Pearl (2021), Talk to Me (2023) and Dracula: The Voyage of […]

Episode 54: Ghosts

We’re discussing ghosts, wraith, spirits, spectres and phantoms. One of the cornerstones of horror, how did ghosts end up symbolising so much about the human psyche? Includes discussions of The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra (2022), Nightsiren (2022), Insidious: The Red Door (2023), The Innocents (1961), Carnival of Souls (1962), The Haunting (1963), The Stone Tape (1972), […]

Episode 51: Extraterrestrials

The truth is out there, and we aim to find it! In this episode we’re talking about extraterrestrials (a.k.a aliens) and how they contextualise and disrupt our place in the world.  Includes discussions of Evil Dead Rise (2023), The Thing from Another World (1951), Lifeforce (1985), Signs (2002), Dark Skies (2013), Under the Skin (2013), […]

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