Author: Spooky Bitch Gang

Episode 26: Cannibals

It’s the final taboo, the forbidden snack, human flesh. In this episode we talk about people who eat people and discover it’s one of the most complex horror tropes we’ve covered so far. Includes discussions of The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), Block Island Sound (2020), Spiral (2021), Man from Deep River (1972), The Hills Have […]

Episode 24: Vampires

Who’s the hottest movie vampire? Is blood-sucking just sex? Do vampires shit? Sink ya fangs into our vampire episode where we answer all the hard hitting questions about the iconic movie monster. Featuring Felix Hubble of Static Vision. View the Dreamscapes program and buy tickets.Includes discussions of Habit (1996), The Addiction (1995), Dracula (1931), Nosferatu (1922), […]

Episode 17: Torture Porn

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual violence. The much-maligned torture porn genre gets the SBG treatment. Is it horrible sadism for the sake of making us squirm, or is there more going on beneath the gory surface? Includes discussions of Antebellum (2020), Spree (2020), The Wizard of Gore (1970), Salò, or the 120 […]

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